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Carpenters Unions Political Agenda

October 11, 2010

Is the Carpenters Union’s “SHAME ON” campaign part of a political agenda?  Why do they donate so much money to certain political candidates like Diane Denish in New Mexico?  New Mexico has a reputation of a “Pay-to-Play” state and the carpenter’s union donated $25,000.00 to her campaign.  She refuses to make a public statement about […]

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April 1, 2010

Please read Brooke Frankenfield‘s article “Small Businessman: ‘I have the right to attack back’“, which is featured on “Chet Karnas, President of Lone Sun Builders in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been a victim of abusive tactics employed by the Carpenters Local Union 1319…“

Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Opposes Union Tactics

March 31, 2010

Please go to our “In the Press” page for a complete list of articles. Dateline 2010 Mar 31 Around N.M. – CofC Comes Out Against Bannering Please visit Albuquerque Journal (Business)

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March 8, 2010

Please read Bret Jacobson‘s article “Shame On You, Big Labor“, which is featured on “There are serious protests going on in Albuquerque by a local Carpenters union. But one company is fighting back…”

Response to Union Campaign Decried

February 15, 2010

Below is a response to Rick Thaler’s letter to Albuquerque Journal’s Business Outlook of Feb 15, 2010.  The original article can be found on our “In the Press” page or click here.  You may also click the letter below for a larger view.

TV News Broadcast from KOB 4

February 12, 2010

Take a look at this KOB 4 news broadcast segment (click the image for the video). You’ve probably seen them around town holding banners, claiming there’s a labor dispute. Some of you have asked us about the “Shame On You” protestors. “who” or “what” are they protesting? And “why” are they doing it so much? […]

A Letter Taken From Harley’s Facebook

February 9, 2010

Friends, relatives, co-workers, If you don’t know who I am, my name is Harley Karnas, just a college student making a living at a pizza place. My fathers name is Chet Karnas and he is the President of a company called Lone Sun Builders. Currently the Carpenters Union Local 1319 is protesting at multiple job […]

Open Letter to Carpenters Union 1319

February 8, 2010

As you are driving on Paseo near Jefferson, please look over at my building on the north side, just east of General Mills. We recently hung a banner there that says “Shame on Carpenters Union 1319. OGB and the Construction Community Support Lone Sun Builders…Stop the Lies” I have repeatedly tried to contact you by […]

Purpose Statement

November 29, 2009

The purpose of this blog page is to provide truth and facts about the Carpenter’s Union organizing tactics which are clearly false, unethical, in some cases illegal, abusive, and they don’t pass the simplest of tests…including the “smell test”. They’ve used as the basis of their assault on Lone Sun Builders, Inc. (LSB) that they […]

A Letter to Albuquerque Community Members

November 23, 2009

The following post was taken from an email dated November 23, 2009 that was sent to members of the Albuquerque community. Please view the video “Chapter 2: Concealing Identity” (click here) from our video series.  You can’t make this stuff up as it is real.  If you are a member of any professional organization, board […]