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Two New Posts to “In the Press”

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Dateline 2010 Jul 19

Pickets  Disrupted MassLetters to Outlook – Pickets Disrupted Mass

Please visit Albuquerque Journal (Business Outlook)

Dateline 2010 Jul 18

Antics Shame Carpenter's UnionLetters to the Editor – Antics Shame Carpenter’s Union

Please visit Albuquerque Journal (Editorial)


One Response to “Two New Posts to “In the Press””

  1. Representatives, friends, and supporters of OGB Architectural Millwork and Lone Sun Builders have the right idea. The only way to beat these guys at their own game is for the Albuquerque community to come together in a show of solidarity, be it via group “stand-ins” and counter bannering; writing letters to the editor; blogging; contacting local political representatives; and contacting Carpenters’ 1319 themselves to question their tactics. In doing so, Albuquerque is letting 1319 know that we we don’t buy their false messages and contrived claims of “labor disputes”; and we don’t appreciate their disruptive, disrespectful tactics. We know who the “good guys” are in our town and we support them! So thank you, friends, and keep the support coming from Albuquerque and elsewhere! Maybe we can send the real “rats” (the organizers of Carpenters’ Union 1319) scurrying back to their own home towns.

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