The Lone Sun Blog
The latest updates on the assault from the Carpenters Local 1319

About Us

Get the latest updates about the assault toward us from the Carpenters Local 1319. Please subscribe to our blog and support hard working and honest Americans like the employees of Lone Sun Builders. We offer great benefits and fair wages. Our benefits include health, dental and life insurance, health reimbursement account, 401(k), and a pension plan on Public Works projects.The loyal employees and their families of Lone Sun Builders thank you for your support. Send us a message for further information and honorable employment opportunities.

Our mission is to provide quality with integrity. We take pride in our financial responsibility, work history, business ethics and safety training. We believe that our loyalty to employees, vendors and clients will build our reputation for the future. We subscribe to the pillars of character counts: Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

To help you get a little history on our company and provide another perspective of the recent assaults to Lone Sun Builders please read this post (click here).


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  1. Keep up the great fight!!!

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