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Carpenters Unions Political Agenda

Is the Carpenters Union’s “SHAME ON” campaign part of a political agenda?  Why do they donate so much money to certain political candidates like Diane Denish in New Mexico?  New Mexico has a reputation of a “Pay-to-Play” state and the carpenter’s union donated $25,000.00 to her campaign.  She refuses to make a public statement about their disparaging acts against New Mexico businesses, yet she runs on a pro-small business platform.  Like most things political it doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’.  You can’t be pro-business and accept their actions in conjunction with their money.  It’s not ethical, honest, transparent or truthful.

2 Responses to “Carpenters Unions Political Agenda”

  1. It is common practice for workers united to form fair negotiating strategy platforms to support politicians who have NOT declared all-out war on working Americans in favor of Corporate greed, just the same as Corporations who would gladly pay next to nothing and treat their workers like nothing more than “resources” like to financially support politicians who agree with them that working Americans are nothing more than fodder for the greedy corporate financial trough.
    Building contractors that agree that it is not only socially, but financially responsible to compensate their skilled employees fairly, treat them with the respect owed a human being, and see fit to provide safe working environments prove they meant that by proudly signing with the Carpenters’ Union as members of a collection of contractors who can now boast they offer their clients the highest skilled workers, thus the highest quality of finished product to their clients, as-well-as advancing the local economy. Workers who make a fair wage have more personal capital to spend – and any good Republican will tell you that it’s SPENDING that moves the economy forward. And workers having quality health care provided to them are not a burden on tax payers like those who end up needing to use public assistance to cover health costs for their families because their employers don’t think they’re health is worth as-much-as plumping up their profit margins.
    Any contractor(s) who decry the unions and what they stand for are clearly declaring they DO NOT respect their workers, and DO NOT wish to participate in an organization who’s only goal is to provide the best end product, and fair and safe treatment of New Mexico skilled working men and women… your neighbors and friends. The men and women who make up the local Carpenters’ Union ARE your community – just as you are. They aren’t faceless menaces trying to hurt local companies. Just trying to get contractors to back up their claims that they do care for their employees – assuming that they even do.
    I seriously doubt this explanation of truth will be allowed to stay up for long. But here it is anyway.

    • Your comment included references to “politicians” and “republican”, of which I am neither, so in response I’d say that you have some obvious assumptions which are way off base. You also stated that we “decry the unions”. That is a false statement. We decry the ‘actions’ only of one single union – the carpenter’s union. The AFL-CIO construction trade unions which comprise approximately 15-20 construction trade crafts also decry what the carpenters are doing, just read their press releases. We are not anti-union. We just don’t believe in lies and slander to organize. Just tell the truth!

      Lone Sun Builders does provide great wages and benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, 401K, public works pension plan, bonuses, training and more. Our employees have personal capital to spend in the community because of the great wages and benefits. So you see, either you are uninformed, brainwashed or just a mouthpiece. Did you notice I didn’t call you something worse? The last time I checked the carpenters didn’t provide life insurance nor do many union tradespersons receive bonuses. So before you make some rambling assumptions about our political affiliations, wages, benefits or anything else, be honest with each other and do your homework.

      In regards to the “end product”; we are extremely proud of our work, our quality, our reputation, our skill, training, education and safety record. Our insurance e-mod is way below what most contractors carry because of our safe working environment. Again, you made statements with no knowledge other than an axe to grind, and you’re wrong.

      You also mentioned corporate greed which is funny in a way. We are barely getting by and we’ve made it through a couple of very tough years without any profit but we continue to exist and contribute to our community and the construction profession in a positive way. We will not be the richest people in the graveyard. By that I mean, as the principal owner, I’d rather spend the money on our people rather than keep it.

      Finally, you mentioned treating “workers like nothing more than resources”. At Lone Sun we treat workers like family and that’s why we continue to stand together.

      As for you my brother, I feel bad that you too are part of the ‘anti’ movement filled with assumptions and negativity. Here’s a little food for thought for you: I was a member of the largest hospital workers union in the world (1199) and also a member of the International Brotherhood of Laborer’s, and my wife is a current union member as a teacher. So don’t be calling people names, accusing them of being anti-union or of a certain political party if you really don’t know the facts. Also, you repeated a word we use often, “community”. We are a part of our community doing positive things including donating our time to public schools, the children’s hospital, the heart hospital, charities, professional organizations and sports programs – and not just with words. We do it with money, time and ‘sweat equity’. We don’t go out in public and attack anyone either like the carpenter’s union does. We’d rather just show the positive and hope others learn from and respect our example.

      And I will post your comment on our blog page because your words are an example of angry ramblings not based in truth; and maybe the latter point will come across instead of your one sided non factual negative commentary.

      Chet Karnas

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