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Open Letter to Carpenters Union 1319

As you are driving on Paseo near Jefferson, please look over at my building on the north side, just east of General Mills. We recently hung a banner there that says “Shame on Carpenters Union 1319. OGB and the Construction Community Support Lone Sun Builders…Stop the Lies”

I have repeatedly tried to contact you by phone to get a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish with your picketing campaign and have gotten no response. As far as I’m concerned you are welcome to try and organize the work force in Albuquerque. If you can offer something better than the status quo you will have success. But your phony picketing campaign and slanderous leaflets are only doing damage to good Albuquerque businesses and to the reputation of your own union. It is interesting that you are only attacking and slandering smaller subcontracting companies on these projects, rather than the general contractors who have bigger operations and are much more able to defend themselves.

I repeat my challenge to you to speak honestly to me, to the contractors and subcontractors of Albuquerque and to the press about what you are trying to accomplish, and I ask you to stop the phony picketing, the slander and the lies.

Rick Thaler
OGB Architectural Millwork


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