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The latest updates on the assault from the Carpenters Local 1319

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this blog page is to provide truth and facts about the Carpenter’s Union organizing tactics which are clearly false, unethical, in some cases illegal, abusive, and they don’t pass the simplest of tests…including the “smell test”.

They’ve used as the basis of their assault on Lone Sun Builders, Inc. (LSB) that they don’t have a benefits program, they pay cash, and they pay below average wages.  When in actuality LSB has one of the best benefits programs in the business including a health plan, dental plan, 401K and life insurance.  Currently over 98% of eligible employees participate in the health plan.  LSB pays 92% of its employees’ health premium; and that’s for the Lovelace Plan with $20 primary care doctor co-pays and $10 prescription co-pays.  Other benefits include discounts on vision, health reimbursement account, and a public works pension plan. Not to mention that we pay 100% of the life insurance policies for our employees.  LSB employees are well paid, treated well and like family, receive free safety and apprenticeship training, and they are happy with their employment.  Many employees are long-term employees. No one is ever paid cash – that is illegal.

We are active in our community, in Albuquerque Public Schools, the University of New Mexico (UNM), the UNM Children’s Hospital, multiple trade and professional organizations, the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, and the Hispano Chamber of Commerce.  We support each organization we belong to with financial contributions, mentoring, participation on their boards, or in the form of “sweat equity” and ambassadorship.

Our Mission Statement speaks for itself and we unequivocally live by it:

Our mission is to provide quality with integrity. We take pride in our financial responsibility, work history, business ethics and safety training. We believe that our loyalty to employees, vendors and clients will build our reputation for the future. We subscribe to the pillars of character counts: Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

And in all due respect to unions, “We are not anti-union” as I, Chet Karnas, am a former member of two labor unions in my life.  We are merely, “mission accomplished” when it comes to treating our employees with dignity and fairness; and we are against the “organizing tactics” of this union.

Besides the Carpenter’s Unions’ behavior being abhorrent, please consider the following facts:

  1. The union states we don’t have benefits and we do; but they utilize day laborers without health benefits to protest us and others.
  2. The union organizers are from out-of-state and don’t even own New Mexico driver’s licenses but yet they can trump the union CEO’s who own local companies.  They turn the business climate ugly without allowing for freedom of speech from local owners of union shops.  Does anybody get that?
  3. They besiege local hospitals, schools, banks, hotels, restaurants and a museum with day laborers that have no restroom facilities and park themselves on public sidewalks behind unsightly banners.  It’s ugly, it’s disturbing, it’s anti-business, it’s splitting our community, it’s not a tourist attraction to visitors, and it has no basis in our community.

The CONTENT of this blog will include background articles, letters and information; a video archive detailing facts about the above statements, links for different topics which are still a work in process but will include our biographical information, and comments and contributions from readers and authors of this forum.

The bottom line is we have experienced harmonious labor relations for many decades in New Mexico, and our community cannot accept unethical, slanderous, divisive tactics by out-of-state operators acting like thugs.


One Response to “Purpose Statement”

  1. I think the average citizen is really unaware when it comes to this issue, and that is so unfortunate. Folks drive past these pickets, dishing out honks and shouts of support for the union picketers, thinking that ‘union’ always equates with fairness, justice, and victory for the American underdog.

    They have no idea that too often, the pickets are based on slander and ‘hard-sell’ style union propaganda, and do not align with the publicly recognized mission of labor unions, as is the case with these pickets staged by the Carpenter’s Union in New Mexico.

    These passers-by do not know that employees of many of these picketed companies are fairly compensated, and don’t want to be unionized.

    They are unaware that union pickets such as these threaten the very existence of reputable local independent businesses that their own communities are built upon.

    And they sure don’t know that the folks they are honking at aren’t members of a union at all, they’re day laborers hired by the union — not stakeholders representing a cause, but desperate folks working for an hourly wage WITHOUT benefits.

    …So people drive by and honk, having no idea that they aren’t rooting for the underdog at all. They are supporting the big dog that’s trying to bully folks into paying dues that feed the salaries and pension funds of union fat-cats. Meanwhile, the local guy is being driven out of business as the union intimidation slowly chips away at company resources.

    Sound upside-down to you? Community members need to run folks like the Carpenter’s Union out of town. Stop them from spreading their bullshit propaganda. Stop them from unfairly targeting responsible, reputable business owners. Stop them from undermining our local economies.

    Be aware of the reality of the situation, and react. Support the right to choose: union or non-union; support the true underdog: the small independent business owner.

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