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A Letter to Albuquerque Community Members

The following post was taken from an email dated November 23, 2009 that was sent to members of the Albuquerque community.

Please view the video “Chapter 2: Concealing Identity” (click here) from our video series.  You can’t make this stuff up as it is real.  If you are a member of any professional organization, board of directors, political group, politician, community organization, another labor union, or just a regular citizen, please take notice and take a stand against out-of-state thugs trying to ruin the reputation and business climate of our state.  Read your organization’s Mission Statement and see if it mentions the words “honesty or integrity”, and if it does you should demand that they support the banishment of these sort of organizing activities.  And by the way, in my case, this is not organizing, this is trying to shut me down!

Many of you will be contacted individually by me, and there’s a lot more to come.  Since Chapter 1 came out we’ve received numerous phone calls, visits and e-mails offering support – and over 400 hits*.  All we stand for is honesty, integrity and transparency…no lies, no hiding and no more slander!

Feel free to contact me as I answer my phone calls unlike the gentleman in Los Angeles, Hal Jensen, who asks you to contact him if you know the slander to be untrue.  From the responses I’ve received he has not answered any of the twenty or so calls that others have made, or my four (4) calls.  Nor did he ever respond to the newspaper reporter who printed in an article that he would have a statement in the days following one of the print articles.

Please view the whole video until the end.  It is very revealing.  At the end of the video I was promised by “Jose Chavez”, er Louie Medina that Hal Jensen would call me last Friday.  They picketed my job with day laborers with no benefits on Friday but Hal didn’t keep his promise.


Chet Karnas

Please leave a reply to this post if you would like me to contact you.  Any requests for communication will not be posted to the blog.

*512 views as of this post.


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