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A Letter Taken From Harley’s Facebook

Friends, relatives, co-workers,

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Harley Karnas, just a college student making a living at a pizza place. My fathers name is Chet Karnas and he is the President of a company called Lone Sun Builders. Currently the Carpenters Union Local 1319 is protesting at multiple job sites that my fathers company has worked on. However the protests are based on lies. They have shown unethical behaviors (such as telling our film crew to go F*** their mother), in some cases have done illegal acts (trespassing and stealing), and most importantly told out right lies. Not to mention the shame they have brought to the community. Please consider the following:

Lone Sun has an unsurpassed benefits package that pays for 92% of their employee’s health and dental benefits, a life insurance plan, 401K, pension, training, and competitive wages. Yet, this renegade union claims companies like Lone Sun do not provide benefits, which is an outright lie.

In all, I am asking for support. My father has been actively fighting this for months, and it’s only gotten worse. He has not just sat around and let someone bring shame to his business. In fact he has gone out to the sites, and personally addressed the issue. I’ve been saying he needs help, however now I say WE need help. I have now become involved, because it simply cannot go on. It’s slanderous, and unethical. The union is going against everything they stand for!

If you’re in or around Albuquerque tell these people how you feel, tell them to go home, to find the truth, to find who the real rat is! (Local 1319)
A few locations these individuals can be found:

Tamarind Institute on Stanford and Central,
La-Z-Boy on San Mateo
Al Unser Museum on Montano
New Dion’s on Fourth
Heart Hospital

If you’re not from Albuquerque, you can still help show your support, call the union bosses demanding an explanation, ask for the PROOF they have! Write on the blog. Forward this to your friends, get the word out. Help us prove that our community does NOT support this.

Harley Karnas


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