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The latest updates on the assault from the Carpenters Local 1319

Disturbing Services at Neighborhood Church

Carpenters Union 1319 continues its ugly campaign by loudly protesting at a church and disrupting their service until the police step in.  Louie Medina, the carpenters union organizer is a resident of California and he travels each week to New Mexico to disparage our city and create a blight on our community.


One Response to “Disturbing Services at Neighborhood Church”

  1. This behavior is shocking! Did I hear the union guy say that they are doing God’s work? I am still so shocked that this union is still in business. Why aren’t more people showing disgust at what they are doing? Why is Lone Sun doing all the leg work to stop this union? Lone Sun is an Albuquerque business that is employee minded, community minded, honest and fair. Their employees are loyal to them. It’s too bad that this union mainly comes from out of state to disparage a good business just to make themselves look good. To me, it really shows how truly ignorant they really are. Hang in there Lone Sun Builders! There are alot of us out here who support you.

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