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The latest updates on the assault from the Carpenters Local 1319

Nine News Articles Added

In the past couple of days we have posted nine news articles from the 2009 archives.  They can be found on our “In the Press” page [click here].  Here a list of these recently posted articles:

2009 Dec 07 – Shame On Rogue Protest

2009 Dec 04-10 – Karnas Tackles Carpenters Union

2009 Jul 10-16 – Letters to the Editor, “..stands up for the rights of merit shop contractors..”

2009 Jun 19-25 – Letter from AGC

2009 Jun 04 – Lone Sun Official to Hold Own Sign

2009 Apr 27 – Carpenters Union Needs to Own Up

2009 Apr 16 – Union Hired Protesters of the World, Unite!

2009 Apr 14 – Protester: Fired for Talking

2009 Apr 11 – Protest on Demand


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